The Twisted Stringybark Short Story Award 2022

Closing date 14 August 2022

Stringybark Stories is proud to announce its 38th short story competition. The Twisted Stringybark Short Story Award 2022 is now accepting entries. Clean the spilt coffee out of your keyboard (or sharpen your goose quill—whichever is more appropriate) and start writing a 1500-word (max) story that will excite the judges. 

We are looking for great short stories that have a twist at the end (or middle or beginning). But to just make life not too easy, the story has two stipulations. Firstly, it is to be written for those over the age of 16 and secondly, it must have a link, no matter how tenuous, to Australia. It could be a mention of a Vegemite sandwich, or the fact that Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of climate-destroying coal. The story could be set in Australia or have an Australian in it. Anything really. Your choice!

There is an award pool of over $1000 in cash and books to encourage you in this endeavour, provided by our sponsor Stringybark Publishing. 

Entry fees: $14 for one story, $26 for two stories, $36 for three stories (max). 

For full details, including Entry Conditions, Prizes, and How to Enter, please visit:

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