The Stringybark ‘Times Past’ Short Story Award 2020

Closing date: 27 September 2020

Stringybark Publishing is proud to sponsor its new award, The Stringybark ‘Times Past’ Short Story Award 2020. Clean the spilt coffee out of your keyboard (or sharpen your goose quill — whichever is more appropriate) and start writing a 1500 word (max) story that will excite the judges.

This is an historical fiction award and your tale must be based on a real event (or events) and the events must have occurred in Australia or have clear relevance to Australia.

There is an award pool of over $1000 in cash and books to encourage you in this endeavour, provided by competition sponsor Stringybark Publishing.

Entry fees: $14 for one story, $26 for two stories, $36 for three stories (max).

Entry Conditions, Prize Details and Entry Form at:

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