Grandma, how much poo does a wombat do?

Gaylene Parker

Ages: 4-8yrs ( a lot of adults have purchased this book for themselves!) Teachers say they have purchased it to include in their ‘Nature/ wildlife’ lessons.

PRECIS : A young girl and her grandmother decide to find out why there is so much wombat poo in the bush where they go for their walks. They meet and ask the animals that the wombats share the bush with, who also lead them to the wombat to get the answer.  

AUTHORS DETAILS:  I live on the Southern Highlands of NSW where there is a high population of Common Wombats. I was a wildlife rescuer/researcher for 30 years as well as a photographer/pencil artist. The illustrations & storyline in this book are a collection of my years spent with wombats & other Australian native animals & birds. Our Children & Grandchildren also have a place in the story. 

ISBN: 9780909497811 (28pages).
Available from the author by email:  Price: $20 + pp ($10). 

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