Vera Zegarac

FORTUNA is a story of a woman’s journey searching for herself and true love.

Carla, a twenty-seven-year-old archaeologist drifts through life under the stern gaze of her ever-controlling mother. She is lonely and fears she will never find love. Then she meets Eric, a successful lawyer, twelve years her senior. They fall in love and marry, and everything feels great. However, their marriage suffers when they learn that Carla cannot bear children. Seeking space, she travels to Turkey to lead an archaeological dig. Returning home, she faces betrayal, loss, and a long-hidden family secret. 

Through her strife, she realises that leaving the past behind is the only way to move on from the suffocating situation. But will she succeed?

ISBN-978-0648202424. Price: $28.85 paperback, $4.11 e-book. Distributed by Amazon.

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