With a Mind to Achieve

Wayne Jarman

If only I knew then, what I know now!

How many times have you heard someone say that?

I’ve said it myself.

If only someone had shoved a book in my hand, when I was young, that gave some guidelines for leading an effective life – full of achievements and success.

The book wasn’t forthcoming though and, like most people, I have muddled through life.

I have now reached an age when I have developed my mind and accumulated enough information and experiences to write my own book.

Whether you agree with everything in this book is immaterial. At least it is a thought-provoking head start.

The book is now in YOUR hands.

See what you can do with it!

The Success Book (paperback or ebook) is available from various sources on the Internet.

Click for Wayne Jarman’s Amazon Author Page.

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