Stones, Bones & Hollyhocks

Maureene Ann Fries

Stones, Bones & Hollyhocks reveals what can happen when Life & Legend Collide and the footsteps of today, find the footprints of the past. Set in southern England, both iconic and secluded sacred sites play centre stage to a life changing adventure and uncover a tale of powerful vengeance reaching across the ages. The reader is taken on a journey across England but the story begins well before. It slowly reveals the bizarre events leading up to the trip and those that continue to happen. These experiences open up a new or perhaps forgotten world and provide the catalyst for a magical tale, spanning almost a thousand years. Fuelled by legends, events and imagination, the history of a cursed Druid amulet, winds its way across the centuries.

“Part travel memoir, part historical fiction and part fairy tale, Stones, Bones & Hollyhocks: Life and Legend Collide is a fascinating journey through Britain’s most sacred ancient sites, and indeed, through Time itself. The overarching conflict in the book is held within an ancient and cursed amulet. We are told the story of its cursing and we meet the many characters who have the misfortune to fall across its path. These chapters are so vivid, the characters so real, their stories so compelling and the writing so transporting, that it feels as if they are channelled by the very souls that lived them. The language of the ancient ones is wonderfully fitting. Their native tongues help us lose ourselves in their tales and transport us to other times. The talent of this natural storyteller and channeller is evident and inspiring. Can’t wait to read more of Maureene Ann Fries’ works!” – Joanna Webber, Media Professional. 

Available as an eBook on (KDP) Amazon Kindle ($5.99) and Paperback ($21.99 plus $5.50 postage) Available direct from Author 

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