Not Quite Write Prize for Flash Fiction

Opens: Midday 19 April 2024;
 Closes: Midnight 21 April 2024 AEST
Opens: Midday 19 July 2024; 
Closes: Midnight 21 July 2024 AEST
Opens: Midday 18 October 2024; 
Closes: Midnight 20 October 2024 AEDT

The Not Quite Write Prize for Flash Fiction challenges writers to create an original piece of fiction based on two typical writing prompts plus one anti-prompt. What’s an anti-prompt? It’s a call to break a specific rule of writing.

Open to: Anyone anywhere in the world.
 Accepts: Flash fiction of no more than 500 words.

Entry Fee: AU$25. Prize: Total prize pool of AU$2,000 with 8 prizes including AU$1,000 for first place and publication on the Not Quite Write podcast.

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