Intermittent Angels

Jan Dean

“Jan Dean is a poet always on the lookout for angels, both ‘wondrous’ and ‘wicked’.She has a gift for sliding sideways with her words, making every aspect of herengagement with the world magical. With its impressive range of people, places andexperiences – from dramatic re-imaginings of a Spanish couple building a castle inthe North Queensland rainforest to tender, intensely vivid recreations of her ownfamily history (and so much more along the way!) – this is a collection with surprisesand delights on every page. It is witty, poignant, gloriously visual and daringly original. Even if the angels are only ‘intermittent’, this is a wondrous account of an intensely experienced earth-bound life.” Jean Kent.

Copies are available for $20 plus $3.50 ordinary postage, by cheque or bank transfer for 100 plus pages of poetry. Registered, express and tracked mails are more expensive. 

For further details please email Jan Dean

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