Hilarie Lindsay 2017 competition
Section 4 Winning Story

Junior Primary (Year 4 & under)

FAW NSW Hilarie Lindsay Short Story competition for Australian School Children.


By Justin Kim

I was on my bed, sighing and thinking of what humiliation would take place tomorrow. It was the donkey race and my donkey was the most stubborn donkey of them all. He would never listen to me no matter what I did. His name was Don’t and had thick tangled strands of tail hair that beat around whenever the tiniest fly got caught in the matted hair. All the other donkeys were going to win as my useless donkey and I would lose the competition, but I loved him with all my heart. I met him in a flea market when I was four years old. He was abandoned and lonely like me so I begged my uncle for him. Ever since I looked after him, he would kick me whenever I came near him in his stable. I just wished we would be true friends than winning this competition for my grumpy and mean uncle.

All the donkeys were at the start line except Dont that was trying to chew my shoes without paying any attention. The crowd shifted uncomfortably at my embarrassing animal. Their facial expressions told me that they were sure that Dont was never going to win. Some of them were ready to catch the most hilarious moment. I suddenly felt urge to win that race. I told myself never give up. No! I could not give up on that. “On your mark!” Everyone suddenly lowered their upper bodies and tightened the reins.

There was a smoky smell after a noise like a thunder. All of them raced off in the speed of light as I was alone with my useless companion, gazing at the dusty road. Half of my shoelaces were gone! “Dont, please! You have to run! Go! Go!” I heard people giggling. My face turned ruby red in embarrassment. I knew that he would not listen to me. I took one of my shoes off and threw it vigorously and shouted, “GO DONT!!!” and whacked his bottom with all my strength. Seeing the shoe fly, he started to gallop. His mane shone in the sunlight and was ahead of two donkeys already. My donkey was really listening to me. The wind was whispering to me and the rough, rocky road did not distract my donkey from victory now.

The barrier of ignorance in his heart vanished forever. I felt freedom. Nothing could stop us. The crowd stared at him, pushing forward for some space to see him and now they were sure Dont was not useless and stubborn donkey anymore. We whistled passed our opponents one by one. Victory was going to be ours until…WHOOPS! Dont saw my shoe on the ground.

“NO NO DONT!”My grin turned into an upside down watermelon. The crowd laughed so hard that they fell off their chair. I pulled the shoe out of his mouth but he wouldn’t let go. I pulled harder but his grip on the shoe was firm. We both pulled until my shoe was sent flying in the air and onto the finish line. Dont saw the shoe and galloped as fast as he could to the finish line. We then came third and I gave him my shoe as the prize for this huge achievement. For the first time in my life, he licked my cheek. I love him so much.

* * *


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