FAW State Life Memberships

FAW Secretary Maureen Kelly announced two new state life memberships at the 2019 FAW Awards Luncheon held in Sydney on Saturday 3rd November.

“Together with my fellow committee members—Cate Plink, Kay Bakon, Vince Hatton, Narelle Noppert and Pam Ferrari—I am thrilled to honour State Executive committee member Colleen Parker and president Trevar Langlands with State Life Member badges and certificates recognising their dedication to the FAW,” Maureen said.

FAW Life Members Colleen Parker and Trevar Langlands
FAW Life Members Colleen Parker and Trevar Langlands

Colleen Parker was recognised for her dedication, mentoring and publishing expertise serving on the Executive as well as to her branch, Port Macquarie. Accepting the prestigious award, Colleen said she was amazed and humbled to be honoured in this way stating her love for the FAW has spanned over 30 years.

President Trevar Langlands, described by his committee member colleagues as “a gem, his presidential leadership to be admired” has served the FAW with great distinction and dedication for 26 years; 21 years as president (not continuous, he did have a break for two years).

Accepting the award, Trevar said he was not usually lost for words but “…this has come as a real surprise, I am thrilled to be honoured in this way”.

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