Envoi, selected poems 1990–2017 by Ted Rutter (1940-2017)

Edited by Pip Griffin

Ted’s poetry is filled with love, goodwill and a longing for simplicity. At least, in his absence, we have his poetry to remind us of what’s important, but lacking, in this world” – Mark Mahemoff, poet

This book is the fourth collection of Ted Rutter’s poetry. Ted, Pip’s late partner, was a New Zealand poet who lived in Coromandel Town. For him, tramping in wild places was a life affirming, spiritual experience. His esoteric beliefs and deep deliberations on life’s big questions resulted in forty years of remarkable poetry, only a fraction of which is in this book. These poems are for Ted’s family and friends and for everyone who loves poetry.

Publisher: Pohutukawa Press, ISBN: 9780980318456
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