2024 RD Walshe National Writing For The Environment Competition

Closing date 28 June 2024: 

What does the world look like from the perspective of a creek?  What do human behaviours look like through the eyes of cockatoos?

The Sutherland Shire Environment Centre’s 2024 RD Walshe Memorial Writing for the Environment Competition is now open. This year’s topic is Through the eyes of Nature. It invites writers to write from an alternative perspective – to write as if looking at the world through the eyes of nature. The writing must, of course, consider elements related to the environment and broader sustainability concepts. 

Ian Hill, Chair of ESCC said, “You might choose to be a waterfall or a cold, crisp morning in the desert. You might choose to write from the perspective of a dolphin playing in the surf. Or say what the world looks like through the eyes of a lost puppy in a city of cars. We are keen to hear about our world, our environment, our actions for sustainability from non-human eyes.”

Participation is free, and there are three age categories – Under 19, 19-26 years, and Over 60 – with cash prizes of $500 for the winner of each category. The Sutherland Shire Writers Group also offers the $100 “Pat Strong Award for a Young Writer.” Runners-up will also receive a cash prize. 

Details about the competition and how to submit your entries can be found here: 
www.ssec.org.au/grants-and-awards/rd-walshe-memorial-writing-for-the- environment-prize/

For further information contact Phil Smith at 

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