Musings at Death’s Door

An ancient bicultural Asian-Australian ponders about Australian society

Raja Arasa Ratnam

This book is a hard-hitting, critically analytical, yet favourable, presentation of the author’s adopted nation, reflecting more than six decades of a highly interactive and contributory life, including holding leadership positions in civil society, in a fast-evolving nation. The following endorsement says it all…

Raja Ratnam has lived a full life and made significant contributions to Australian life over six decades. His experience as an Asian in Australia from the time of White Australia to that of multiculturalism is unique. This book is a final distillation of the wisdom he has gained over that time. He provides insight into a wide range of areas from society and culture to religion. And even better, his insights reflect his unique experience. There is wisdom and here and, like all of his work, this book is rich, intelligent and provocative. A major contribution to Australian culture. 
– Prof. Greg Melleuish, History & Politics, Wollongong University

Available at $21.95 from Inspiring Publishers, PO Box 159, Calwell ACT 2905 or moc.l1516745535iamg@1516745535srehs1516745535ilbup1516745535gniri1516745535psni1516745535.

Royalties will be donated in total to motor neurone disease research.

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