Kicker by Christina Batey

Christina Batey

Troy Berrier has the world at his feet. He is about to take the freestyle motocross world by storm when he wins the world MX-Stream game finals. He’s invited to all the cool parties. He has no trouble scoring chicks and has plenty of mates, including his best friends, Ty, from his moto club, and Shelley, who Troy has known since they were little kids. But Troy’s definition of the word, “life”, is about to be shifted. The ensuing struggle will test his friendships and his faith in himself.

An affordable present for a hard to buy for 15-20 year-old. Email ua.mo1511074647c.ooh1511074647ay@kc1511074647orbve1511074647hc1511074647 to order your copy. $12 plus postage.

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