Shirley Goodbar

Illustrated by Yvonne Sorensen

A selection of one hundred and ten poems on life. Written in many different forms, the poetry reflects the ordinary experiences of everyday life and offers both laughter and reflection. The poems are taken from Shirley’s lifetime collection. The title “Kaleidoscope” was chosen to describe the variety of subject and form. Yvonne has practised and taught art for many years and has a Fine Arts Degree and a Grad. Dip. Ed at Charles Darwin University where she tutored in the School of Art. The book is available from the mybook self-publisher’s website shirleygoodbar.mybook.net.au.

Or, for autographed copies, email ua.mo1516721400c.sdr1516721400ahcro1516721400eht@r1516721400abdoo1516721400gs1516721400. AUD$25 plus postage & handling.

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