Dominator in the Shadows

Peter J Uren

This is Peter J. Uren’s second novel, the sequel to his popular The Old Mechanic. Set three years later, it tells the story of two men who each have a dream to own their chosen motorcycle: one a Vincent Black Shadow, the other a Norton Dominator 99 650SS. The story again takes the reader through the process of restoring an old classic motorcycle. Along the way, they maintain, repair and service many classic British motorbikes. But the book is more than just about motorcycles; it is a story of the blossoming love between the boss’s daughter and her “accidental hero”, and the final realisation by the main character that material possessions are a poor substitute for what is really important in life.

The book is available for sale by the author for $18.00 plus $8.50 postage within Australia. Contact the author on ua.mo1516721378c.ooh1516721378ay@1c1516721378inahc1516721378emdlo1516721378eht1516721378. Both books are also available as eBooks on Kindle Reader through the Amazon website.

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